ENCANTO Hotel, is a young company dedicated to tourism that has a staff qualified, responsible and dynamic people willing to serve our guests, we work as a team to offer our guests personalized services especially of quality
Willing to welcome, to any national or foreign visitor who comes to our city, offering a safe, pleasant, warm and familiar space.


Become a company with solid prestige Hotelier at local, national and international level, fomenting the tourist development of the city; Offering personalized services that allow the well-being of our guests. Achieve growth as a company, involving its partners as Partners immersed in the Tourism activity with a single purpose unifying efforts and sharing achievements, and this ability allows us to implement a network of hotels in the most precious destinations in Peru.


Offer hotel services of excellence, creating loyal and satisfied customers, who return or recommend the hotel for quality and service, as these are the key to success. With a personalized treatment by highly qualified and motivated staff, with the sole purpose of pleasing our guests.