Machu Picchu Touristic Sites

The Sanctuary of Machu Picchu, would be made up of well differentiated areas, which historians classified in sectors , due to the possible uses of our ancestors by the Incas.

Agricultural sector:

Embrace the whole southeast part of the city. It is mainly composed by andenerías, although also it is possible to appreciate some scattered buildings, the most important attractions in this sector are:

Theupper cementery: Located south of the gateway to the city and on a higher level, it is a small quasi-rectangular area

The Lookout: Located at the northern extremity of the upper cemetery. It is an enclosure without a western wall and with windows on the eastern wall. Its name is based on exceptional location.

The Mortuary Rock: Located at the northern end of the upper cemetery. It is an enclosure without a western wall and with windows on the eastern wall. Its name is based on exceptional location.

Andenes: They are diverse groupings of terraces that differ from each other, their purpose in this sector had to be the agricultural exploitation.

Urban Sector:

The Upper groupThis is a group of buildings located to the austral extremity of the citadel this is a neighborhood with passages straight and parallel to each other. The neighborhood should have been destined to housing becasuse there is not uniformity between them.

Temple of the SunOr Torreón: Located in the central portion of the south side of the urban sector. The temple of the sun is an enclosure in semiconic form, according to historians this construction did not fulfill military purposes, it was the temple of the sun.

TheRoyal tomb:It is a small environment of irregular shape,it is properly a grotto of exquisite finish; The entrance vain is directed towards the east. At the top semicircular enclosures were modelated.

The Sacred Square: It is located in the center of the western area of the urban sector, at a higher place than the main square, the square is surrounded by temples and from there comes its name, it is of reduced and square area of approximately 16 m sides.

The 3 window temple: It is at east of the sacred square, only has three walls and a rectangular base shape. In the Oriented wall has three windows and two cupboards made to imitate the windows.

Main Temple:Located to the north of the sacred place, with three walls and rectangular plant. Each of the side walls has five trapezoidal and equidistant niches, the bottom wall shows seven trapezoidal niches and next to this wall are three trapezoidal blocks.

Intiwatana and Usno: On the western side of the urban sector is a building with an irregular pyramid shape, staggered and truncated; Which was built taking advantage of the elevation of the land. At its top is a carved rock that was used as an astronomical observatory or "Intiwatana"

The sacred Stone: It is a enormous stone molded on all sides, is a lathe 7 m long, 3 m high and almost 1m thick. It is located on a pedestal at the north end of the citadel.

Andenes: In Machu Picchu there are platforms that should have been destined for agriculture, but there are others very narrow that were not to cultivate if not for pedestrian traffic, retaining walls and religious aesthetic elements.